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Write a new diary

Today, we would like you to please write a new diary from scratch! You need to think about what you're going to change...

- Who is writing the diary? (an explorer? a scientist? a historian? an archaeologist?)

- Where are they? (maybe you're visiting the arctic? the rainforest? a desert?)

- What are they discovering? (ancient buildings? new creatures? new plant life?)


Your diary still needs to follow the same structure:

- Day 1 - arrival and first discovery (animal/plant/something else)

- Day 2 - second discovery (animal/plant/something else)

- Day 3 - third discovery (fossil/ancient creature/ancient building)

- Day 4 - reflection on what has happened and leaving the place visited.


Look back at the original text to help you with ideas for structuring your diary and to magpie some great words, phrases and punctuation.


Finally, consider your success criteria. Can you include these in your writing?

- Different sentence openers

- Subordinate clauses

- Relative clauses

- Brackets, dashes or commas

- Colons

- Semi-colons


- Precise and powerful vocabulary


When you've written your diary, please consider sending your teacher a photograph of it! We would love to read them :) 

Jenny Shaw’s Diary.mp3