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Science Based Literacy Week: Drugs


This week's literacy lesson are going to be slightly different. As part of the science curriculum, children in Year 6 are required to learn about drugs, including smoking and alcohol so we have decided to use these lessons to teach this to the children; there will also be literacy based activities around the learning for each today.


Today, we would like you to think about: what exactly is a drug and are all drugs harmful? If you are learning at home, it might be a good idea to have an adult at home with you to discuss some of the information and ask any question. We are also available at any time, if you have any questions about the learning material. 


Once you have looked through the powerpoint, there are some different scenarios for you to read and discuss. We would then like you to write down how you would respond to these different scenarios, or the advice you would give to a friend or sibling if they found themselves in a similar situation.

Drugs And Medicines | BBC Bitesize | science

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