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Narrative Writing - Beauty and the Beast


Retell the story using the actions that you have made up.


Then, complete the activity below.


Today, you are going to 'box up' the original text, 'Beauty and the Beast'. I have attached the format that we use in school to help you but you don't have to print this - just split your page into the different sections. I have also attached a completed example which you may wish to look at to help you.


You need to magpie the keywords/phrases from the story that you would like to use in your own writing (make sure you look for things like fantastic vocabulary and sentence starters). For each paragraph, you also need to plan the changes that you want to make when writing your own story.

These are some examples of things that you might want to change:

  • Belle
  • Belle's father
  • The Beast (this character should still be ugly/ scary)
  • Setting (the forest and the palace)

As well as making these big changes, you may also want to change smaller things such as the gifts that are requested by the children.