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Let's Write!


Today you have two tasks to complete for your literacy work!


Task One: Look through the lesson slides about how to write an effective concluding statement. You need to write a short conclusion which sums up the person's life and leaves the reader with a lasting impression of the person. This shouldn't be a long piece of writing and might only be a few sentences long. However, your writing needs to be factual yet reflective and should also finish with a punchy ending. Top Tip: Try and include some emotive language like we learnt about in yesterday's lesson.


Task Two: Now that you have finished writing, you are going to present your work in your chosen format- you should have chosen how you wanted to present your work last week. If you haven't, we have included some different ideas on the slides.  Spend the rest of the time (and tomorrow if you don't finish) presenting your work to a high standard. Remember, if you are handwriting, this should be done in your best cursive handwriting. Think about the different ways you can enhance the reading experience for the reader- what could you include to help them understand the points you are making better? Would pictures, captions, fact boxes etc help? There are loads of different ways you can get creative with this.


We would absolutely love to see your finished biographies so please send us pictures or attachments if you have created them digitally. We would love to post some of them on the website and also on the school Twitter page as we think they will help to brighten up people's day. Please let us know if you are happy for us to do so.