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Today you are going to be writing the next parts of your biography text. Today, you are going to finish writing your remaining paragraphs about your person's main life events. You might only have one more paragraph to write about but it depends on how much research you gathered.


Once you have finished, we would then like you to think about your person's greatest achievement and how it made them feel. We'd also like you to write about the greatest challenge they faced and if they were able to overcome this or not.These sections of the biography will allow the reader to understand more about the person's character traits and personality.


For that reason, we would like you to focus your learning today on your use of emotive language. Emotive language is any type of language that causes an emotional response.We want to know how the life events,  achievements and challenges affected the person's life- how did they make them feel? Use your plans,the lesson slides and accompanying documents below to help you write these parts. Top Tip: It might be a good idea to get a thesaurus page up today to help you come up with some powerful vocabulary choices.


Remember, we'd love to see any examples of your writing from today so please feel free to email them to your teaceher and we can add them to the website!