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Today and tomorrow you will be researching, taking notes and planning your biography, ready to write it for next week. You have two days to complete this work as you will need to carefully research your chosen person in detail and put your research into your own clear and organised notes. Use the slides for the next two days to help you with your work-I have also included a checklist to keep you on track. 


You can choose anyone you like to write your biography about but it might be a good idea to look at the planning sheet to gain an idea on what you will be writing about before picking. Perhaps have a chat with a family member for some ideas. Top Tips: Try and choose someone inspirational, someone who has achieved something amazing or perhaps overcome a challenge in their life. We can't wait to read the finished biographies and look forward to sharing them with everyone so we can all learn about some of the AMAZING people in this world.


I have also included some 'Reading Suggestions' on the week's main page which might give you some inspiration and ideas.