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This week, we are starting a new, 2 week unit of work on biographies. We normally teach our non-fiction units in a similar way to the storytelling work the children have just completed. Below is a rough guide to the next two weeks.


We will start by looking at an example text and pick apart the key features, before moving onto working on some different skills that are needed to write a successful biography. Then the children will research and plan their own biographies on a person of their choice. We would like them to choose someone inspirational to them- someone who has achieved something amazing in their lifetime! This could be someone from past or present- it's completely up to them. Next week, we will then write our biographies, section by section and the children can present them in a way of their choosing. 


 In current times like these, we feel it's important for the children to look at all the brilliant people who have come before them in the world and be inspired to do great things themselves.