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Today you are writing the next sections of your biography text. These will be the sections about some of the key events in the person's life- it's the main part of the biography. The amount of paragraphs you have will depend on how much research you gathered but you should probably aim for at least 3. You will start writing them today and will finish writing tomorrow so perhaps split them up over the two days. 


These paragraphs must be organised in chronological order ( time order of when they happened). It would also be useful to include subheadings for each of the paragraphs to keep it clear and organised for the reader to understand.  The main focus for your learning today is about using a wide range of connectives to link your ideas and create cohesion in your writing. Be sure to flip back to your work from last week to help you with this.  


We have also included some useful connectives for you to use and any helpful sentence openers and phrases for biography writing. Use the lesson slides and look at the example text as it might give you some inspirational for language and sentence structures.