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Lessons for Life

Learn to touch type!

Being able to type quickly without looking at your keyboard is a great skill for life. 

Check out this BBC kids page called 'Dance Mat Typing' designed to help children learn how to touch type. 

Front Room Farming

Are you a parent that is currently home-schooling?

Do you want something a little different to teach the kids?

Farming, Food, and the Environment are topics that all of our children should be educated in.

So, here at the Royal Cornwall Agricultural Association we have put together some farm and country activities for you to have a go at with your children.

They all relate to our educational videos and are free to use, we have also included some tasty recipes to try out too!

We would LOVE to see your work, share it with us using the hashtag #FrontRoomFarming and tag us using 'Royal Cornwall Show'

Find a list of activities by following this link.

Get Cooking!

Jamie Oliver's website has a fantastic page dedicated to encouraging children to get cooking! There are recipe ideas for savoury meals, baking recipes and top tips for keeping kids engaged and safe in the kitchen.

Take a look here.