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Equality and diversity

Callington Primary School welcomes a diverse population of pupils and staff. In order to consolidate and build upon this diversity, it is essential that equality of opportunity and the absence of unfair discrimination is center of all that we do.


The School is committed to promoting and developing equality of opportunity in all its functions and will seek to do this by:


  • communicating its commitment to equality and diversity to all members of the Callington Primary School Community e.g. through our Equality and Diversity Policy, our welcoming atmosphere and Equality and Diversity days


  • giving children the opportunity to explore issues related to Equality and Diversity through thought provoking and creative circle time activities


  • taking positive action to redress any under-representation of every child of our school; regardless of difference 


  • celebrating difference within in a range of contexts e.g. topic work, within lessons and circle times.
Through this, children at Callington Primary School are able to maximise their skills and talents to become confident, independent, creative and caring individuals in a diverse and rapidly changing world.

Equality and Diversity day - November 2016 



On Tuesday 15th November, we had our termly Equality and Diversity day which this term had a focus on faith. We had lots of visitors from the Plymouth multi-faith centre and learnt how belonging to a religion and having a faith can impact daily life. All of our visitors are individuals from our local community which highlighted to the children just how amazing and diverse our world and local community is.


Upper Foundation Stage - We focused on the religion of Judaism and listened to a Jewish storyteller who told us all about the very first story that Jewish people believe in. She also told us all about what Jewish people did in their daily lives and showed us some of the routines and rituals that Jewish people and children do each day.


Year 1 –We were lucky enough to learn a Hindu dance in the hall which we were really good at. Back in the classroom, we worked hard to make our own Rangoli patterns.


Year 2 – We had a Hindu speaker who was able to answer our questions about Hinduism. During the day, we also looked at henna and designed our own henna using face paints, cooked Barfi (a Hindu treat) and explored the festival of Bhai Dooj which celebrates having brothers and sisters.


Year 3 – We were lucky enough to have a Jewish speaker, Elizabeth, to tell us all about Judaism. Elizabeth was born Jewish and was able to answer our many questions as she told us stories and facts about her religion, belief and lifestyle and sang some words to us in Hebrew.


Year 4 – Our focus faith was Islam. A Muslim speaker came in to speak about his life, brought in traditional clothing which many Muslims wear and showed us how he prays using a prayer mat whilst speaking in Arabic. During the day we also looked into Muslim clothing and designed our own clothing for a Muslim which would meet their requirements.


Year 5 - In Year 5 we focused on Buddhism. We had two speakers who shared their practice of Nichiren Buddhism. We were able to listen to the chant ‘Nam Myoho Renge Kyo’ which is chanted several times throughout the day. We explored mindfulness through mediation and looked at how we could be like a Lotus leaf and rise above anything that is negative or that makes our lives muddy just like the Lotus leaf grows out of muddy water.


Year 6 - Our focus for the day was Islam but we also looked into how faiths can interact with each other and had a talk on interfaith. Our main focus was to break down the stereotypes that many people have about those who belong to a religion as we want to live in a world where everyone can work with each other and not against

Our Equality and Diversity displays in the Year 6 corridor

Equality and Diversity Day- Year Six


For equality and diversity day the focus in Year 6 was all about multi-faiths. We were lucky to have a speaker who came into speak to us about the multi-faith centre in Plymouth. We learnt about different faiths within our community and the things we can celebrate about each other's similarities and differences. Throughout the day, we also thought about breaking down stereotypes associated with different religions. We mainly focused on Islam and spoke about ways in which we can challenge these stereotypes. We also thought about different ways to celebrate the religion and has lots of fun creating our own prayer mats as well as cooking some traditional dishes.


Equality and Diversity  Faith Day - Year 2

During our day exploring different faiths, we focused on Hinduism. We discussed what we already knew from our R.E lessons in Year 1 and were introduced to a Hindu celebration - Bhai Dooj. Bhai Dooj, also known as Bhai Duj, is a day when sisters and brothers show their love and respect for one another. For Hindus, this is a very special day and an important opportunity to bond with their siblings. We explored ways that Hindus would celebrate this special day including making our own Barfi sweets, Rakhi bracelets for our siblings, painting henna on each other and listening to celebration music. We each had a Tilak mark placed on our heads which is given as a sign of protection. In the afternoon we had a visit from Shilpa who gave us an insight into her life as a Hindu. We got to ask her lots of questions about her clothes, food and beliefs. It certainly was an interesting day. We all decided that we should respect and tolerance for other people’s beliefs.


                                                Upper Foundation Stage Faith Day- Judaism


In Upper Foundation Stage, we focused on the religion of Judaism. We looked at what Jewish people wear first. Then we listened to a Jewish storyteller who told us all about the very first story that Jewish people believe in. She also told us all about what Jewish people did in their daily lives and showed us some of the routines and rituals that Jewish people and children do each day. We learnt that Sunday is a day of rest and Saturday is a very special day called Shabbat. 


During the day we used our new learning to create, Hannukah cards, design,  Purim festive outfits build synagogues using lego, collage beautiful pictures of Menorahs and make Jewish objects using play dough


Here is some of our wonderful experience...


Today in Year 1 we have been learning about Hinduism. We were lucky enough to learn a Hindu dance in the hall which we were really good at. Back in the classroom, we worked hard to make our own Rangoli patterns. Can you see how our patterns are symmetrical? 

Year 3 Judaism

Today, Year 3 were lucky enough to have a Jewish speaker, Elizabeth, to tell us all about Judaism. Elizabeth was born Jewish and was able to answer our many questions as she told us stories and facts about her religion, belief and lifestyle.

We looked at the amazing writing on scrolls. Elizabeth did not read from the scroll but sang the words to us in Hebrew.

Jewish people originally had a temple where they would make sacrifices three times a day. Nowadays, there is no temple as it was destroyed and Jewish people now pray three times every day instead.

All Jewish laws are written in the Toran, the Jewish bible which Jewish people follow.

Meat and milk cannot be eaten together so Elizabeth told us that she had never eaten a pizza with a meat topping or a cheese burger!

The Star of David came from the story of David and Goliath. David became king and the symbol on his shield was the six pointed star.

Jews wear kippahs on their head as they believe that God is always with them and they should not be seen before a King with a bare head.

We discovered about Shabbat, the Jewish day of rest and were very shocked by some of their rules – no TV!  We role played a Shabbat meal and compared our day of rest to Shabbat

Year 5

Equality and Diversity  

In Year 5 we focused on Buddhism. We had two speakers who shared their practice of Nichiren Buddhism. We were able to listen to the chant ‘Nam Myoho Renge Kyo’ which is chanted several times throughout the day and heard how James used this chant to change his mind set on life. He believes that you can improve your life by looking inside yourself and improving yourself rather than looking to a god to make you better.   We explored mindfulness through mediation and looked at how we could be like a Lotus leaf and rise above anything that is negative or that makes our lives muddy just like the Lotus leaf grows out of muddy water.  In the afternoon, we created a piece of artwork which showed what was I our minds as we meditated. These included images of things we enjoy in life and those around us. 

Diversity Day - Marc2016


On the 18th of March, the children of Callington participated in another Equality and Diversity day. This time it was based on age. Each year group took their own stance on the topic with some exploring age restrictions on games, others looking at what the children want to be like or achieve by different age milestones, some creating leaflets to break down the generation gap, others explored inspirational people who have achieved a tremendous amount in their lives and some  year groups invited grandparents in for a tea party. Look out for pictures and updates about the day on the class pages. 


Diversity Day - October 2015


On Monday  5th October, the whole school took part in its first Equality and Diversity day of this academic year. The theme of the day was about 'Disabilities’. Each year group explored what the word disabled meant and explored issues surrounding this. In all year groups, stories and texts were used as a vehicle for introducing the concept of being disabled and children were given insights into what life is like for those with a disability.  The children were able to voice opinions and through discussions learned that although some people may have a disability they should be treated equally and supported to achieve their goals. 

See the class pages and accounts below for details of each year group's day.  

Equality and Diversity Day in Upper Foundation Stage- October 2015


For Equality and Diversity Day, the Red Classes gained an awareness of Disability and what this term meant. We began by looking at pictures and videos of a range of people with disabilities. This led to good discussions about what it meant to be disabled. Using our new learning, we then engaged in lots of activities to help us increase our awareness of what it feels like to be disabled. We created wheelchair friendly worlds using Duplo and ramps, tried to draw and write with blindfolds on to experience what it felt like to be blind, we tried to make stacking towers and puzzles using only one hand and wrote down all of the amazing things that we could see disabled people doing in our world.  

Foundation Stage- Equality and Diversity Day Learning

Equality and Diversity Day - Year 1


We used the book 'Don't call me special' to help us think about disabilities and how we should treat people with disabilities. The children took part in lots of activities to help them empathise with people who may have a disability. 


Here are some quotes from the children about the day:


"She's amazing brushing her teeth with her feet! She has practiced a lot." (Watching a video about a little girl with no arms) 


"We don't leave people out if they are different."


"It was very tricky." (Using feet to draw a picture)

Equality and Diversity Day - Year 2

Disablity - Blindness


During our equality and diversity, we started off looking at our differences and celebrated what made each of us special; from how we look different to our unique talents. We discovered that we had many hidden skills for example drawing, football, being a computer whiz, a fabulous storyteller and being able to play a musical instrument. We then read a story called 'We're Going to the Zoo' and we noticed that one of the main characters had an extraodinary and positive experience even though they were different - they were blind. We thought that their use of their other senses was very impressive and learnt that if you are visually impaired you can still enjoy lots of different things but in different ways. We experienced experiencing new food when we were blindfolded and had to rely on our sense of touch, smell and taste. We then wrote poems to explore the experience. Take a look at them below...

Equality and Diversity Day - Year 3


The focus of our day was to raise awareness of disability.  We started off the day thinking about what the word “disability” means. 


“It means you can’t do certain things because your brain doesn’t function properly and it can’t send the message to your body to tell it what to do.” Quote from year 3.

After discussing different disabilities we had the opportunity to discover what life is like for people who are partially sighted or blind and we were able to empathise with them.

We initially focussed on the different senses that they used.  We particularly enjoyed playing football, using our sense of hearing as the ball contained bells within it.  Finally we found out about Braille, a system of raised dots that can be read with the fingers by people who 
are blind or who have low vision and we all wrote our own names in Braille.

Equality and Diversity Day - Year 4


In Year 4 we looked at 2 different types of disability: people in wheelchairs and people who have lost limbs.


Orange 2 looked specifically at the life of professional surfer Bethany Hamilton who tragically lost her arm in a shark attack when she was only 13. The children began to look at what life would be like for them if they lost one of their arms - how would they carry out everyday tasks? We attempted to carry out various tasks including writing the date and learning objective in our books, putting on a jumper and even playing a simple game of throw and catch during PE.

Having an understanding of what life would be like, the children began to design a range of resources that could help a child with one limb cope in school during lessons, lunch and sports.

Equality and Diversity Day - Year 5


In Year 5 we looked at what being disabled means. We found out that you can be born with a disability or acquire one later on in life. We watched a video which looked at famous people who had a diagnosed disability. Did you know, Albert Einstein didn’t talk until he was three?


Here’s the video we watched:


We tried to imagine what life would be like with a disability and how you might have to adapt your lifestyle. We walked around the school blindfolded to gather a sense of what life would be like if you were blind. The children realised that it could be quite scary even if you knew the environment you were in well. They also found out that they would need to us their other senses more to be able to gathered information about what was around them.


Later on, we discussed sign language and learnt the song ‘I can sing a rainbow’ in sign language. Here is the song for you to try.

After break, we were asked by Mr Aspen to conduct a survey of our school to see how well we cater for those with disabilities. We walked around the school and discovered equipment, including a wheelchair lift and ramps, which would enable wheelchair access to all classrooms. We also looked of signs to ensure everyone was safe in an emergency.


Finally, in the afternoon, we learned about Alison Lapper and other ‘Mouth and Foot’ artists. We had a go at creating picture using paint brush placed in our mouths and between our toes. Here is what we created.


Although it was fun to try, we realised how much skill it took to create even a simple pattern and were amazed by the intricate pictures created by the ‘Mouth and Foot’ artists.


The whole day was a fascinating insight into life with a disability but our overall message was that although everyone is diverse, we should also all experience equality in our lives and not be hindered to achieve our goals.  




                                                                    Diversity Day -June 2015


On Monday 8th June, the whole school took part in its third Equality and Diversity day of the year. The overarching theme of the day was ‘Gender Identity’. Each year group explored what gender identity meant. Not only was the concept of gender identity explored by all but also the idea that gender stereotypes could be challenged. In all year groups, stories and texts were used as a vehicle for introducing the concept of what gender identity is.  For example, in Foundation stage the book ‘My Princess Boy’ was read and used as a vehicle to discuss the gender stereotypes that are involved with the different toys and activities that are played with. In Year Five, children used the book ‘Be Who You Are’ to explore how different people’s gender identity can differ from their own and how diverse the idea of gender can be. Outcomes from the day are displayed on the Equality and Diversity Board and individual class pages.



Year 5 - Equality and Diversity Day


During Diversity day, the children learnt about Transgender. Transgender means when someone believes they have been born into the wrong body and that their gender doesn’t match their body. The children looked at what diversity means and discussed what makes someone your friend. “A good friend looks after you when you need them.” 

“Friends have things in common with you but are also different so that you have things to talk about.” We discovered that gender had nothing to do with the friendships in the class and that we make friends due to personalities and hobbies. We then watched a video about a boy called Leo who was born a girl but knew he always was a boy.  You can watch the video here: 


We saw how Leo had overcome struggles in school and managed to change his name and passport to reflect his mind and show him as male and not female. The children then wrote Tweets to Leo to share their feelings on his life story.


@swimming4ever  Thank you Leo for sharing your life story. I am inspired and blown away by your bravery #inspirational #bravery #beyourself

@rainbowlollipops Congratulations on your acceptance to get a new passport. Keep fighting for your rights and believing in yourself! #beyourself

@rugbymad Thanks Leo for sharing your story! You have inspired me! Keep cheerful and be proud of who you are! #Transgender

@fiercegymnastics We all congratulate you on your amazing achievement. You were brave and positive. I’m sure that you’ve helped many transgender people #beunique 

@reptile Congrats on your big step. You video almost made me cry! #Transgender 

The children then read the book ‘Be who you are’ and drew their own mirror of the things that make them them.

Quotes from the day:

“I have learnt how to except people for who they are and not if they are boys or girls”

“Be yourself! Be you! I think these words are very powerful because it’s good to believe in yourself!”

“I have learned that everyone is different and equal in their own diverse way and that we should treat people how they want to be treated.”

“I learned that it takes a lot to change gender and say you are transgender.”

“Today, I have learned that everyone can choose their gender and be themselves.” 

Upper Foundation Stage - Equality and Diversity Day


The children in Red classes read the book 'My Princess Boy'. This brought on lots of discussion about how the boy in the book felt when other children laughed at him for wearing dresses and playing with dolls. Throughout the day, the children explored the concept of gender identity and gender stereotypes in lots of exciting ways. For example, they created fantastic Mr and Mrs Potato heads which had lots of different hair styles and accessories, they collected pictures of toys from catalogues and discussed whether they would be suitable for boys, girls or both and made lists of all of the activities that they liked to do. It was lovely to see that the children in both classes felt strongly that there is no set gender identity and that stereotypes can be challenged!


Quotes From the children:
“Girls can play with boys stuff and girls stuff as long as they share!” Ava (Red 2)
“Boys can have long hair or short hair. A boy can wear a dress. If you laugh, it’s not very fair and it’s unkind.” Chloe (Red 1)

Pictures from the day

Year 6 - Equality and Diversity Day


During equality and diversity day, Year 6 learned about some of the emotional and physical aspects of being transgender. We read a book called 'Be Who You Are' which explored Nick's story. A child who, despite being born in a boy's body, has always felt like a girl inside. We followed a journey of self awareness as Nick expressed the need to live authentically for the first time. We also discussed transgender stories we had heard recently in the news and discussed the need for acceptance, diversity and tolerance. We tried to empathise with the emotional aspect of being transgender through poetry. Please have a look at some of our work on our year group page.

Year 2 - Equality & Diversity Day 


For diversity day we read a book about Rabbit who did "unrabbity" things. We discussed why someone may feel like an outsider and what we do to prevent this in our school.  In the story Rabbit left a gift of bright and colourful things for the rabbits to create their own pieces of artwork. We also recieved a box full of colourful goodies which we used to create our own amazing art. 

"Its your life and you can live it the way you want to"

Equality and Diversity Day

In Year One we looked at the book 'The Sissy Duckling'. The story shows Elmer, the boy duck wanting to do lots of things that are traditionally associated with girls. We discussed the things that we like to do which are traditionally associated with another gender. Look at the art work that we produced to show this!




Equality and Diversity Day - Celebrating Difference in Race and Ethnicity


On Diversity day, each year group explored  the differences that can be found in the a person's race or ethnicity. It was these wonderful differences that the children celebrated in a range of ways. How each year group did so is explained below.



Upper Foundation Stage


For Diversity Day we read the story 'The Whisperer', this book is about two rival cat gangs who do not get on with one another. One gang was ginger and white and one gang was black and white, by the end of the book they had called a truce and were a lot happier. We decided that how you look should not stop you from being kind to one another.


During Busy Bee time we completed lots of activities surrounding the cats and the characters in the story, here are some photos from the day. 


Year One
"We may all be different but in Year One we all swim together!"
We started off our day by talking about our favourite food and toys. We discussed the fact that it doesn't matter if we like different things, we can still all be friends and play together. After that we looked at each others hands and talked about how our hands were different and that we are all individuals. We then had great fun colouring and glittering our sea creatures for our display. Whilst we were doing this we talked about how each child's creature was different. We then created faces using parts of our classmate's faces, we had great fun doing this!     

Year Two


 "Wouldn't it be boring if we were all the same!"
We started off our day by thinking about what made us the same and different. We decided that having differences is great because we can learn new skills and knowledge from one another. We also discussed that it doesn't matter what you look like or where you come from, it is what is inside that counts. 
Look at our amazing Picasso art work created by Year 2 in the afternoon!

Year 3


We had a wonderful day looking at how we were all different and things that made us so. We read a great book ‘We are all the same’ and discussed that no matter where you are in the world people are the same inside. Everyone has their qualities, whoever they are!

Year Four
On Monday 2nd March we had an equality and diversity day. This half term the focus was racism and ethnicity. We spent the morning looking at a book called 'Tusk Tusk' and discussed the different attitudes and issues from the book. We all had excellent ideas and thoughtful opinions. We then watched a video which showed a teenage girl who had been the subject to racial discrimination. We heard all about her story and the brave way in which she asked for help. 
After break, we decided we wanted to do something to help with raising awareness of racism in schools. We set up our campaign teams and spent the rest of the day designing posters, making slogans and creating campaign videos. Here are some photos of our campaign talks to the class.

Year Five
During Diversity day, Year 5 looked at what 'Racism' was and how to overcome it. We explored our differences and celebrated the fact we weren't all the same. We watched the UEFA Anti racism campaign video and created our own. We also listened to Benjamin Zephaniah read his anti-racism poem. Here are some of the words: 
It would not be very good if you were all the same colour,                                                                                
It would not be very good if you all had the same mother,                                                                                          
It would not be very good if you are from the same place,                                                                                                
It would not be very good if you all had the same face.
It would not be very good if you all wore the same clothes,                                                                                                      
It would not be very good as every smart kid knows,                                                                                          
You’re not even the same as your sister or your brother,                                                                                          
It would not be very good if you were all copies of each other.
I don’t want to get personal,                                                                                                                                                                                                            
Excuse me if I’m rude,                                                                                                                                                          
But It would not be very good if you all ate the same food,                                                                                                      
 It would not be very good if you all had the same skin,                                                                                                    
 It would not be very good if you all like the same things. 
In my humble opinion we have to learn to share,                                                                                                      
Because life would be quite strange if we all had the same hair.                    

 We should celebrate our difference the world is full of different people,                                            

But even though were different,                                                                                                                          
We should all be treated equal.
Finally, we created our own anti-racism posters and video. We are leading the way to STOP racism and ensure everyone is treated EQUAL.  

Year Six
This half term our whole school equality and diversity day focused upon race. In Year 6, we explored the Traveller culture and discussed stereotypes and how they have been formed. We watched an interesting DVD made by members of the travelling community which challenged many of these stereotypes and gave us an insight into their lives. We learned that Travellers have a long history in Britain and that modern traveller culture is the product of many influences but its roots reach back as far as ninth century India. We explored this rich history through art...

Say no to racism

Still image for this video

Quotes from throughout the school about Equality and Diversity day- Autumn 2014


Upper Foundation Stage

We read a book called ‘I Wish I Was a Dog’. The book was about a cat who wanted to be dog because he thought they looked better and did more fun things than cats did. At the end of the story, the cat realises that they have lots of special things about them which make them just as special as dogs.

Next, we thought about all of the things that made us different and special. Here are some of the things we came up with…

“I have blue eyes and all of my family have blue eyes.”  Jacob.

My hair is blonde like Logan’s.”  Keira

“I like to do art.” Logan

“I like to sing. I’m good at singing.”  Elspeth

“I have spiky hair.”  Summer- Louise

“I’ve got curly hair.”  Ruby

Finally, we talked about what things made us all the same.

“We are all people.”  Darcie


Year 1

We read a book called ‘Something Else’ which was about a creature that didn’t have any friends because he was ‘different.’ We compared ourselves to our friends and discussed the fact that although we are all different we are all still friends. We talked about toys that girls and boys might like to play with and decided that we can play with anything we like…it doesn’t matter if we are a boy or a girl. In the afternoon we drew and painted our own something else creatures linking to the book. We finished the day by reading the quote ‘never judge a book by its cover’ and what this means.


Year 2

In year 2 we started off thinking about our class as a group of people and how we all linked together in one way or another.  We made a class web to show the links.  We then thought about the links within our own families and found out how no two families were the same. We read the book “And Tango Makes Three.”  At first we thought it was a picture of a mum, dad and baby on the front cover but after reading the book we discovered it was two dads and their baby.  We have learnt there is no such thing as a traditional family and that everyone has a different family that is what makes it special.


Year 3

In year 3 we started off looking at different types of families and how no two families are the same. We created drawings of different types of families and shared each of our own family stories. We then discussed about different kinds of relationships, including same sex relationships. We read the story ‘Hello Sailor’ and created our own speech bubbles about what they two men might have said to each other when meeting after a long period of time. We then thought about and wrote some detailed writing about an adventure that they might have gone on together when the story ended. We finished off by creating a poster titled, ‘Wouldn’t it be boring if we were all the same’ where we brought all our learning together from the day and displayed it on our posters.


Year 4

In Year 4 we looked at gender stereotypes and focused specifically on the jobs that men and women can have. We looked at various job roles and categorised them into male or female stereotypes. It was interesting to see how some jobs were seen as typically male or female and how there is still one role (Royal Marine Commando) that women are not allowed to do. The children created role plays of the sexist attitudes towards gender in the workplace, playground and society.

We also discussed how difference should be embraced and that the world would be a very boring place if we were all the same.


Year 5

In Year 5, we learnt about gender stereotypes. We read the book ‘10,000 dresses’ by Marcus Ewert and discussed the children’s reaction to it as well as the impact on the life of the main character by being ‘different’. The children were able to share openly and express their own opinions. The children created roll plays and pictures to ‘break’ stereotypical behaviour.


Year 6

In Year 6, our focus for equality and diversity day was tackling homophobia. We watched fictional clips about a footballer who recently announced that he was gay, exploring his feelings, his family's emotions and football fans' reactions. We also looked at the evolution of the word 'gay' and how using this word to mean rubbish can be offensive.

Year 2 exploring similarities and differences

Upper Foundation Stage exploring the book 'Red Rockets and Rainbow Jelly'. We found out that we all like different things but we also have lots of similarities as well. We found out so much about each other!