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Musical resources that can be used at home!


Welcome to Ten Pieces Musical Menu – a weekly buffet of primary music activities from across the BBC. Each selection will include oven ready music and cross-curricular resources that can be used for home learning and in the classroom. These weekly activities will be linked by a theme – pick and choose as many activities from each menu as you fancy.

The menu will vary each week and will include listening, performance, singing, well-being, cross-curricular and creative activities.

Check back weekly to discover easy and fun ways to enjoy music with your class! Bon Appétit!,0,0,0,0

Feelgood Fifteen

Sing Up is doing 15 minutes of singing every Tuesday at 9am. If you would like to learn up-lifting songs, then this is the place to go. All songs are then saved so you can watch/listen/learn at a later time. Enjoy!

Plymouth College of Art - At-Home Make Sheets

During the lockdown, Plymouth College of Art are releasing weekly Make Sheets. These short-burst projects are designed to keep young learners actively engaged in creative thinking and making. This is what they have to say about them:

What is a Make Sheet?

A Make Sheet is a step-by-step creative activity for you to enjoy at home. Each Make Sheet will include information on materials, duration, parental supervision and visual examples to help you get going. 

Where can I find one?

If you’re an existing subscriber to the Young Arts newsletter you will receive a new Make Sheet mailout every Saturday, starting from 2 May 2020. Register here if you’re yet to sign-up to our mailing list. For more information please email 

What will I need?

Each activity is designed to be carried out at home with minimal effort and basic art supplies. If you are missing any tools we are happy to suggest some alternative’s for you to try out using items you can usually find in the cupboard.

Who are Make Sheets for?

Activities are suitable for all ages, but we advise that anyone under the age of 9 years old should work with adult supervision. Teenagers can also enjoy these activities if they aim for a more intricate creative outcome. Each activity is enjoyable for all the family, so if you’re a grown-up who’s always wanted to get stuck in at one of our workshops - now is the time! 


This is a link to the first Make Sheet they have produced: how to make a 3D African inspired tribal mask:[UNIQID]


This is the second Make Sheet: Marbling effects on paper using foam:


This is the third Make Sheet: Pointillist Seascape painting:


Fourth sheet: Make your own Camera Obscura:

Cross-curricular activities

Starters for STEM

Starters for STEM are ten activities that parents can use at home to help children develop their science, technology, engineering and maths skills. These activities are easy-to-resource and provide children with the stimulus to talk about the world around them.  Click

For all keen scientists!

Are you keen to carry out some fun investigations at home? Follow this link to carry out some  exciting experiments. 

Terrific Scientific


Or open up the Amazing Science PDF for even more fun investigations.

Make sure you check with an adult first!

For all those music lovers!

The BBC 10 Pieces are an online resource with loads of activities, videos and ideas to do in school and now at home. After Easter they will be uploading weekly activities for primary schools. These will include a video to enjoy with an activity to be completed by the children without any special materials or preparation.

But, for now, click the link

to get some ideas on what to do at home to inspire their music learning.  

Learn how to be an author from famous authors themselves!

The website is completely free to sign up to and allows you to watch videos of authors talking about the books they have written and the thinking behind some of your favourite characters and stories. The authors also have their own creative writing masterclasses with fun writing challenges, writing tips and advice. Including Anna James (author of Pages & Co, Michael Morpurgo, Michael Rosen and more!)

Some of these are suitable for KS1 and some for KS2. Choose the 'classroom' tab at the top of the page to access the author videos.


Get outside and create some nature art!

Andy Goldsworthy is a sculptor, land artist and photographer who is well known for his ephemeral (not lasting long) works created outdoors from natural materials found on-site. 

Have a look at some of his images below. Can you have a go at recreating some of them or designing your own? Don't forget to send any pictures through to your teacher!

Be inspired to write and create!

The website is a brilliant resource that is packed full with inspiring images to give you ideas to create stories or your own piece of art. What will you create?

Kernow Chocolate - Design a chocolate bar wrapper competition