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2015 - 2016 Creative curriculum

All the way through the school, children will be given a say in what they learn - right from the very start of planning for a topic! We give the children opportunities to come up with the initial ideas for a topic and time to talk their ideas through with the teacher to see how each area of the curriculum might fit in.  The teachers will then go away to plan and embellish the top idea and transform them into a full topic which is broad and balanced.


Two important elements of topic work are the ‘stunning starters’ when teachers plan to enthuse the children from the very beginning and all topics try to build towards something very special at the end called a 'Fantastic Finish'. The topics can also head off in unexpected directions if this is where the children’s interests lead…  All the way through each topic and through the year, teachers make sure all the essentials of reading, writing and maths are top priority. Examples of topic titles are; ‘Lights, Camera, Action!’,’ Globetrotters’ and ‘Survivors'. You can see the topic overviews below.  We are really excited to see where our learning will take us.